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Several members of the Brantley family have distinguished themselves socially, professionally, or both. Here are a few Brantley's that have been suggested to be included in this list. If you know of a Brantley that is well known for some type of accomplishment then please tell us about it. Click on a persons picture to learn more about them.

Dr. William T. Brantley
  Leading protestant minister
William D. Kizzah
  First professional Brantley family researcher
Newby Odell Brantly
  Pilot of the Year 1961, Inventor of two way stretchable elastic, multiple helicopter designs, bra design, backhoe design
Dr. Lucy McCullough
  One of the first female physicians in Georgia
Jeff Brantley
  Professional baseball player
Hattie Brantley
  "Angel of Bataan," WWII POW, nurse
Harlon Block
  Soldier who placed flag in famous Iwo Jima photo by Joe Rosenthal
Gene Brantley
  Brantley family historian and genealogist, inspiration for Brantley Association
Brigadier General William Felix Brantley
  Most noted Brantley officer during the Civil War
Carl Perkins
  American pioneer of rockabilly music
Betsy Brantley