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The Brantley Association of America has been invited to Isle of Wight County, Virginia (IoW) to digitize records as done in Southampton County (SoH) in 2009. The Project will far exceed that of the 2009 project. Instead of records to the mid-18th Century as in SoH, Isle of Wight County records go back to 1634. Should the imaging be completed as planned, indexing should be initiated soon afterwards. The IoW project will be larger because:

   > There are more records.

   > Many are loose papers which require special handling, imaging and recording.

   > The records are more difficult to index, because of the deterioration of pages/
documents, some going back more than some 300 years.

   > It is also difficult to index because of the early script of the day, which is unfamiliar to
most people.

The project will not be funded by the County. The Association while agreeing to do the imaging and initiate the indexing phase, cannot devote its limited funds to the cost of travel to Isle of Wight or the stay required there (likely 6 weeks). Additionally, the venture will require 2 cameras, monitors, and equipment to maximize the quality of the ancient records.

The anticipated cost to complete the imaging project is expected to approach $5,000. The equipment, of course, can be used on future projects.

In the SoH project, we had many people who were impressed with the event, could not
participate in that project with their time, but might have offered donations to the project if
approached. Without funding from the county, presently, the Isle of Wight project cannot
be accomplished unless parties interested enough in its happening come forth with sufficient donations. If you would like to make a donation to the project, please let us know.

DO NOT SEND MONEY at this time, but tell us what you can commit to at: brantleyassoc@bellsouth.net

This will surely be a historical undertaking and will benefit millions. Edward Brantly, one
English peasant to IoW in 1638, is believed to have perhaps, one million descendants living inAmerica today. He was just one of thousands of immigrants who resided there in the 1600s.Isle of Wight County is one of the oldest counties in America. If it can come to pass, it will be a remarkable accomplishment in American history.

- J. Kenneth Brantley